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Occupation: UBC Students

Height: 162cm

Weight 95lb

Chest:32 b,


Age: 22



a genuinely 22-year-old individual, harmless and bright, shines beautifully in the crowd. Attractive red lips and a balanced figure with long elegant legs and a rounded posterior sketch out the graceful curves of femininity, naturally endowed with a wholesome 32B. The individual gives you a very warm and welcoming feeling, fully meeting your standards. Only available for 3 weeks


I bet you could make me come in the most dominant and submissive way that is in the depths of your dark desires, I dare you to dominate me and make me enter ecstasy, I’m waiting for it.

Only for respectful and impeccable gentlemen.



重量 95 磅





$200/45 分钟

一个真正的22岁的人,无害而明亮,在人群中闪闪发光。诱人的红唇和匀称的身材,修长的美腿和圆润的臀部勾勒出女性的曼妙曲线,自然赋予健康的32B。个人给您一种非常温暖和欢迎的感觉,完全符合您的标准。仅限 3 周

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