Our Masseuses

Our masseuses are professional, with superb massage skills, they are from Korea, Taiwan, Singapore.

Happy Hour

8:00am-12noon: $80/30mins, $100/45mins, $120/60mins

12noon-mindnight: $150/session

Experience the Ultimate Relaxation

In a world that's constantly on the move, it's crucial to take some time to relax, rejuvenate, and restore. Our professional masseuses from Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore bring a unique blend of Eastern wisdom and Western technique to help you do just that.

Revitalize your body: Asian Massage Spa Vancouver

Our highly skilled masseuses utilize various techniques that focus on relieving tension, improving circulation, and promoting overall wellness. Their professional touch will bring harmony to your body and mind, leaving you with a sense of tranquility that extends beyond the massage session.

A Touch of Eastern Wisdom

Discover the unique charm and therapeutic power of Eastern massage in Vancouver. Our masseuses draw on their Korean, Taiwanese, and Singaporean heritage, integrating a range of massage styles, each one perfected through centuries of traditional practice. Transform the way you view relaxation and wellness with these time-honored techniques.

Features of our Service

  • Highly trained professional masseuses from Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore
  • Customizable massages to cater to individual needs
  • Comfortable and serene environment for optimal relaxation
  • Strict adherence to professionalism and client confidentiality
  • Advanced booking system for seamless scheduling

The Power of Professionalism

We know you value your time and trust. That's why we ensure that our professional masseuses respect your personal boundaries and provide service of the highest standard. Our commitment to professionalism will allow you to unwind without any distractions or concerns.