Sexual Tantric Meditations Vancouver


Sexual tantric meditations involve combining physical pleasure with spiritual awakening through breathwork, yoga poses, and visualizations. It’s believed that when these practices are combined together properly…they can lead to heightened sensations during intimate encounters as well as increased emotional connection between partners.

Sexual Tantric Meditations Vancouver

It’s often used as a way to enhance sexual pleasure; but it can also be used as a tool for self-discovery and healing. The goal of tantric meditation is to connect with yourself and our therapists on a deeper level; exploring new levels of intimacy and sensation.

On our Sexual Tantric Meditations Session:

Starting with some light kissing and touching.  You and therapist’s bodies slowly and sensually; taking the time to really savor every moment. As you get more comfortable with each other; you could move onto more intense activities such as oral sex or intercourse. But remember; communication is key here! Always make sure both parties are comfortable before proceeding further into any sexual act.

Sexual Tantric Meditations Vancouver

You could try spanking her while she’s lying down; using your hands or even a whip if you have one handy. Or maybe you could tie her up and tease her with feathers or ice cubes; watching her reactions closely as she squirms beneath you. There are endless possibilities when it comes to exploring new ways of experiencing pleasure together!

Try tying her up tightly with ropes or chains; leaving her helpless and vulnerable under your control. Use whatever tools you have available; from feathers to whips; making sure she’s begging for release by the time you’re done with her.

Conclusion: Sex Tantric Meditations Vancouver

A guide to exploring new ways of experiencing pleasure through tantric meditation in Vancouver. Remember though; safety should always come first! Be aware of your limits; communicate clearly with our therapists first; and use protection if necessary. With these tips in mind; go forth and enjoy all the amazing pleasures that await you! Phoenix Massage

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