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    Sadi instructed me to undress and lay face down on the stretcher. I did as I was told, feeling a little nervous but also incredibly turned on. As Sadi began to massage my back, her hands glided smoothly over my skin, sending shivers of pleasure through my body. I couldn’t help but let out a moan, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter with each touch.

    She worked her way down to my legs, her touch becoming more firm and intentional. I could feel the tension melting away as she massaged my calves and thighs. Then, as she moved to my feet, her hands lingered longer than necessary, teasing and caressing my toes. I squirmed under her touch, wanting her hands to explore further.

    But before I could ask for more, Sadi flipped me over onto my back. Her hands moved to my chest and shoulders, her fingers skillfully massaging away every ounce of stress and tension. I couldn’t resist running my hands over her curves, feeling her silky skin beneath my fingertips.

    As she moved lower, Sadi expertly worked her way down my body, her fingers grazing over my most sensitive areas. I was throbbing with desire, begging for her to take me to the edge. And she did just that, her hands exploring every inch of my body, bringing me to the brink of ecstasy.

    As I moaned and writhed beneath her, Sadi leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Let’s take this to the shower, shall we?” My heart raced with anticipation as she led me to a spacious and luxurious shower. The cool water cascaded over our bodies as we touched and kissed each other with fiery passion.

    Sadi’s body was a work of art, her curves and soft skin driving me wild. I couldn’t get enough of her as we moved together, our bodies glistening and sliding against each other. And when she pressed me against the cool tiles, I couldn’t hold back any longer. We reached a climactic peak, crying out in pleasure and satisfaction.

    As we caught our breath, Sadi smiled and thanked me for choosing Phoenix Massage. I knew I would never be able to resist her skilled touch and couldn’t wait for our next encounter. Sadi had a way of bringing out the most intense and passionate side of me, and I was addicted.

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