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    phoneix massage

    We chatted briefly . Ms. Peach is indeed very gentle and girlfriend -like . Her skin is really white and tender . Her breasts are about C to D. They feel smooth and soft They are definitely real breasts .

    Her whole body looked even more beautiful under the neon lights . She started to kiss me actively and then took me to take a disability bath. She was very gentle and considerate.

    Later, I started in bed . Unfortunately , I just saw ” no Eco-friendly blowjob ” written on many of their doors . Hygiene may be the first priority , but blowjobs with condoms really don’t feel like it .

    Before inserting me, I asked me to take a closer look at her body . She did not hesitate and opened her legs for me to check her body . Then she turned over and let me see her ass. Her body was really beautiful , her skin was pink and breakable. The area around the boobs is also shaved clean .

    After getting to the point, I discovered that there were large mirrors all over the room , on the left , and on the right .
    When doing it with her , looking at his beautiful body, the visual senses really enjoyed it , and she could see it very clearly .

    Unfortunately, I was too focused on my vision and didn’t pay much attention to her natural voice , but I really enjoyed the whole process .
    After it was over, she kept asking for hugs and kisses , and then said that she was lucky to meet a good man .

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