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    phoneix massage

    I first met Saki at a high-end spa where she worked as a masseuse. She was petite but had the most delicate hands that worked magic on my tired muscles. As she glided her hands over my naked body, I could feel myself getting aroused. And let me tell you, she noticed. She wasted no time in teasing me, whispering naughty things in my ear as she moved her hands lower and lower.

    Before I knew it, I was begging her for more. Saki smirked and flipped me over, straddling me. She leaned down and pressed her lips against mine, a fierce, passionate kiss that left me breathless. I could feel her hands wandering, teasing my sensitive areas, making me moan with pleasure.

    With her lips still locked with mine, Saki began to grind her hips against me, hitting all the right spots. I could feel her wetness growing against me, and I knew I needed to taste her. I sat up and flipped her onto her back, hungrily devouring her breasts, causing her to moan and writhe beneath me.

    But Saki was not one to just lay back and let me have all the fun. She pushed me onto my back and straddled me, riding me like I was her king. Her moans grew louder as she bounced faster, her fingers digging into my skin. I couldn’t take it anymore and flipped her onto her back once again.

    With one hand tangled in her hair, I used the other to tease her sex, making her scream my name. Saki was a goddess, and I wanted to worship every inch of her body. I buried my face in between her legs, and the taste of her was intoxicating. I couldn’t get enough, and as she bucked and screamed, I knew she was close.

    With one final thrust, we both reached our peak, exploding into ecstasy together. Saki collapsed onto the bed, panting and sweating. But she wasn’t done with me yet. She turned me over, and with a wicked grin, she whispered, “it’s your turn now, my king.”

    And let’s just say, I was treated like a king that night, and every night after that. Saki showed me a whole new world of pleasure, and I will forever be grateful for the experience. 🔥👑💦

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