Best Asian Massage in Metro Vancouver

In this guide, we’ll explore Phoenix Massage Spa’s range of erotic massage services including Nuru Massage, Body to Body Massage and more. We’ll also discuss what to expect when visiting one of their locations in Metro Vancouver.

Best Asian Massage in Metro Vancouver - Phoenix Massage

Why Phoenix is the Best Asian Massage Spa in Vancouver

Nuru massage

Nuru massage involves using warm gel made from ground squid on the skin while being rubbed down by a skilled masseuse. The gel creates a slick surface that allows for deep penetration and intense sensations throughout the entire body. This type of massage is perfect for those seeking maximum arousal and pleasure!

Body-to-body massage

Body-to-body massage involves two people working together as one unit – using their bodies against each other to create an intimate connection through touch alone. It can be done fully clothed or partially undressed depending on personal preference but either way it promises to leave you feeling rejuvenated and fulfilled!

Best Asian Massage in Metro Vancouver

Hawaiian Massage

At Phoenix Massage Spa, they offer several types of erotic massages including Tantric Massage which uses light bondage and role play elements to heighten sensations; Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage which incorporates traditional Polynesian techniques; the massager will say: “I can’t wait to feel your hands all over my body. Let’s start by heating up some coconut oil and pouring it onto our skin. The warmth will feel amazing against our skin. Then, let’s explore each other’s bodies with our fingertips, tracing every curve and dip. Don’t hold back – let yourself go completely!

Tantric Massage

This is going to be an intimate experience between you guys two where we connect deeply through touch alone. But if you insist, maybe we could try using some special oils or lotions that are designed specifically for tantric massages. They usually contain ingredients that help increase blood flow and sensitivity which would make everything even more pleasurable for both of you guys.
Best Asian Massage in Metro Vancouver - Phoenix

Best Massage Section:

You lie face down on the table and she’ll begin by applying some gentle pressure to your neck and shoulders. Then she’ll slowly work her way down towards your lower back before moving onto your hips and thighs. Once she reach there, she’ll use her fingers to knead out any knots or tension in those areas while also paying attention to the sensitive areas around them.
You start off by getting comfortable on the massage table with me lying on top of you. From there, she’ll take one hand and place it firmly over your eyes while using the other hand to guide yours towards her breasts. Then, once you both feeling sufficiently aroused, you’ll move into position for penetrative sex. And trust her when she say that nothing will ever compare to how good this feels!


Some tips and tricks for making sure that your next massage session is unforgettable! Remember though – always communicate clearly with the massager so that everyone involved knows exactly what they want out of the experience. And most importantly…have fun!

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