You should have more sex

To be happy and healthy, you should have more sex. Sex is an important part of our social fabric, and while it is not the only form of satisfying human interaction, it should still be seen as an essential part of our social well-being, rather than an indulgence or an optional thing. Studies have shown that a lack of sex can easily lead to a person’s reduced social activities, reduced family size and increased disease in society. Massage Vancouver think that having sex the right amount of time can reduce pain, relieve stress, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and boost heart health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased loneliness and reduced sex for many, but this is only part of the story. According to the survey from 2014 to 2019, the time people spend with friends has also dropped significantly compared to before. These factors have led to the fact that young people in this generation have less sex than their parents. Some media conducted a comprehensive social survey, and about 50% of modern people feel lonely. Broken cultural ties, impaired physical health and reduced social contact can all exacerbate a person’s loneliness, and loneliness can even reduce life expectancy.

Data from the General Social Survey shows that in 2021, about a quarter of women under the age of 35 said they had not had sex in the past year. For men, the figure was 19 percent. And most women who have sex are dissatisfied with their sex life. Many men and women report feeling regret and unhappiness after casual sex, and this is more common among women. So sex can bring people together, but only if it’s a good experience. Sex itself is an important way of cognition. Only the combination of sex and love can sublimate the relationship between two people. Sex is also the most honest language of the body. When there is a problem in sexual communication, it is the body telling you that there is a problem in your relationship.
Many people have now given up their true sexual desires and are completely dependent on porn or other Internet stimulants. As a solace for loneliness, digital sex isn’t much better than digital friendship—a source of jealousy, resentment, and resentment that brings loneliness, not cures it. It simply cannot be compared to the real sexual experience. Therefore, all qualified people should enjoy sex life as much as possible, as happily as possible, and as frequently as possible.
So how long is it most comfortable for normal men and women to have sex?

According to medical research, the calculation method of the frequency of sexual life of general couples is: frequency = first digit of age *9
That is to say, it is normal sex life needs to meet the number of sex lives that meet your current age group. You can use the following table to calculate whether your sex life is up to standard.

Foreplay is essential in sexual life, such as hugging, caressing, teasing and kissing. Sex life is a combination of psychology, emotion and physiology between two people who love each other, so there must be enough foreplay to experience a pleasant sex life and even a wonderful orgasm.

So how can we do a good job in the foreplay of sex life?

1. 10-15 minutes of foreplay
Step by step to create the right atmosphere, straight to the point, of course it will hurt, so take the time to warm up the other person slowly, kissing and caressing are good foreplay. Kissing plays a vital role in sexual stimulation and expression of love and can be kissed on the face, lips, ears, neck and nose of a sexual partner. What started out as a brief kiss turned into a long, passionate kiss. 10-15 minutes is just an approximate time frame, which can be flexibly changed, extended or shortened according to the situation.

2. Use your hands to help the other party adapt slowly
Starting around the genitals, try slowly touching the area around the genitals with your fingers and rubbing the surrounding skin gently. In addition, the method of touching is not limited to fingers, but also the tongue or mouth. These can make the other party produce surprises and warmth. When bathing together, you can use sponges to wipe each other, which can enhance sexiness.

3. Observe the other party’s reaction
Observe the other person’s reaction at any time. You may feel that you are very successful, but the other person may not really enjoy it. You can let the other party guide your hand, and the two sides cooperate closely to get a better experience. The most easily overlooked thing in sex life is language. You might as well talk about love during the caressing stage of sex life. Love words have an aphrodisiac function, which can stimulate and maintain sexual excitement. Music is the best auditory stimulus. You can listen to different beautiful music during sex life, which can enhance sexual awareness.

Four, don’t take it for granted
Every woman is different: Some prefer to rub their clitoris hard to orgasm, while others are so sensitive that even gentle touches make them uncomfortable. There are some women who can come back after an orgasm, but there are others who don’t like to be stimulated again after an orgasm… None of the above may apply to you, because the other person’s reaction is your best guide!

Only when we consciously perceive our emotions and needs, express our feelings reasonably, and control our emotions, can we more effectively promote the harmony and intimacy between the two parties. Well, finally Massage Vancouver wish you all a happy sex life and no longer feel lonely.